Lube Guide 101

What’s the difference between a water based lubricant and silicone? Which lube is best for anal? Which flavored lube tastes the best? What type of lubricant can be used with toys? The list goes on and on, so we decided to give you a quick breakdown of the various types of lube, the plus and minuses with a few recommendations to help in your search for the best lube to fit your needs.

Water Based Lube

The most versatile and condom/sex toy safe lubricant

• Easily available
• Water soluble (Washes off easily)
• Less expensive
• Condom safe
• Safe to use with silicone toys
• Generally non staining

• Quick absorption (Frequent re-application)
• Not shower friendly

Silicone Based Lube

The longer lasting thicker lubricant

• Condom compatible
• Does not dissolve in water
• Longer lasting (Recommended for anal play)
• Safe with glass, metal, and ceramic toys

• Cannot be used with silicone toys
• Stains easily
• Longer clean up time (Cleaning requires soap and water)

Hybrid Lube

The best of both worlds lube. A water based lube with a mix of silicone

• Condom and toy safe (You can always perform a small patch test to see how the lube will react to the silicone sex toy)
• Longer lasting compared to pure water based lubricants
• Smooth and silky texture
• Non-staining

• Although slightly thicker than water based re-application may be necessary
• Not shower friendly (Acts similarly to pure water based lubricant)

Oil Based Lube

The external lube

• Great massaging oil
• Long lasting
• External play friendly (Male masturbation)

• Not safe with latex condoms, diaphragms, and cervical caps (Breaks down
• Not vagina friendly (Leaves a coating increasing the risk for bacterial infections)

Flavored Lube

The oral sex game changer (Added sweeteners used to enhance flavors like aspartame, stevia, and others)

• Majority are water based lubricants
• Sex toy friendly
• Tasty in moderation (Large selection of flavors)
• Great for oral sex and foreplay

• Strong aftertaste (Not all flavored lubes)
• After use stickiness (Not all lubes result in stickiness after use)
• Not recommended for sex

Warming and Cooling Lube

The sensation lubricant. Common ingredients include capsaicin for heating and menthol for cooling (Check ingredients before use if allergic).

• Usually water based lubricant
• Great for sensory play
• Condom safe

• Certain ingredients can cause allergic reaction (Read before use)
• Sensation may vary from person to person

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